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100 International Kids Clothing Brands Lists; USA, UK, CANADA

100 International Kids Clothing Brands Lists; USA, UK, CANADA

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Why are kids' clothes more expensive than adults?!

Looking for good quality clothing that doesn't cost an arm and leg can be daunting. Also, it's hard to keep up with all the brands out there; that's why the author took it upon herself to collate these lists of 100 international kids' clothing brands that are pocket friendly. This book is a great fit, it helps readers identify the brands unique to them in terms of price and quality.

This book is written in an engaging and informative manner, and they provide readers with detailed records of these brands and information about their origins, websites, products, pricing, and more. Avoid Surfing the Internet and giving yourself mental gymnastics if you are not well equipped with the right information about your needs. Grab a copy of this book to shop with ease from 100 different stores on your phone!

The author is a wife and mother; she was always clothe hunting for her boys, going from store to store looking for the best deals. She decided there must be a way to reach all these brands from the comfort of her home, hence the birth of this book. Now you can hop online with guided information to shop from any stores, compare prices, and turn on the alert notification to grab great deals before they're sold out. The author works as a personal shopper, shopping kids' clothes for clients globally.

This book covers everything from how to find the right brand and price for kids' clothing in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Do you want to avoid timeless Internet surfing when looking for the right clothing labels for your kids?

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