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Vivitar 18-Inch LED Ring Light, Adjustable 63-Inch Tripod Stand, with Phone Stand and Wireless Remote for Selfies

Vivitar 18-Inch LED Ring Light, Adjustable 63-Inch Tripod Stand, with Phone Stand and Wireless Remote for Selfies

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3-in-1 Lighting Kit: This selfie ring light with a stand and phone holder is an ideal tool for photographers, streamers and video bloggers who want the right light conditions wherever they shoot. This LED ring light set comes with an 18-inch ring light, adjustable light stand, phone stand with gooseneck mount, wireless remote and a carry bag.
Light Up Your Space: Our LED right light for vlogging and streaming is bright, easy to use and portable to help you get just the right lighting to minimize shadows while keeping your phone safely in place during recording
Adjustable Brightness: Thanks to the wireless remote control, the Vivitar ring light adjusts its brightness to match your space. It’s simple to use and comes with a wireless shutter release to help you get the perfect shots every time. 
Foldable and Portable: The light stand gives you the option to increase the height to up to 63 inches to accommodate proper framing. A gooseneck phone holder allows you get the right angle. This kit includes a durable black carrying bag that's ideal for storing or carrying the ring lights with you on the go.
Versatile and Multi-Purpose: This stationary camera light for video recording is compatible with a wide variety of phones and provides an ideal setup for doing makeup on the go, taking photos, recording videos, live streaming and more.

Record, Stream and Make Videos in Perfect Lighting With Vivitar LED Ring Light  Kit

Adjustable Stand and Brightness for Seamless Use
Our dimmable ring light offers the right balance for your photo and video lighting. The adjustable ring light stand lets you adjust the height up to 63 inches to center taller or wider shots. Use the wireless remote to adjust the brightness level.  

Portable With Quick Release Cradle for Phones
The phone gooseneck holder fits both iOS and Android phones to keep them securely in place while giving you the flexibility to adjust the angle for perfect shots. This 18-inch ring light with stand is ideal for use at home, outdoors, in studios or on photoshoots. Count on the integrated USB charger for dependable power.
  • Portable Vivitar ring light with 63" stand and phone holder
  • USB powered to keep your phone charged
  • Includes a durable soft carry bag to take the camera light anywhere 
  • Phone stand offers wide compatibility for most devices
  • Reduces shakiness and maintains stability when recording
  • Wireless shutter release for phone helps make taking photos easier
  • Sleek design in black allows for the perfect video setup
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