Seenda Nursing Cover Breastfeeding Cover Breastfeeding Scarf, Baby Car Seat Covers, Infant Stroller Cover, Car seat Canopy for Girls and Boys


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Multi Use Covers for Every Mother: Baby Car Seat Cover, Nursing Breastfeeding Cover, Shopping Cart Cover, High Chair Cover, Infinity Scarf, Light Blanket, Stroller Cover, Sunshade And Even a Toy!

Easily Stretches onto Your Car Seat: When used as a canopy. Allows you to easily see or access your baby while breastfeeding / nursing. Can even be worn as an Infinity Scarf when not in use!

Full Coverage Protection & Easy Use: Our nursing cover provides 360° full worry-free coverage while nursing. No straps or fasteners involved; slips over any outfit in seconds!

100% Protection for Your Baby: Breathable Stroller Baby Sunshade & Blackout Blind. Protects from sunlight, summer heat, wind & breezes while maintaining your privacy. Keeps your child also safe from mosquitos, bugs, dust, germs, bacteria, and pollen.

Perfect Baby Shower Gift: Great for boys and girls, best unisex gift for baby showers or simply a great present for any mom to be, new moms.

  • The Perfect Baby Gift - Many Uses
  • 1. Use as a Nursing Cover: You can use as a Breastfeeding Cover, effectively prevent any passers-by from watching your baby attack your breast. Keep your business private while your child gets all the nutrient-rich breast milk.
  • 2. Use as a Baby Car Seat Canopy: It blocks out wind and dust from getting in your baby's eyes blocking out light allowing your baby to sleep without distractions.
  • 3. Use as a High Chair Cover: You can also use this on shopping cart cover to keep the germs off your baby's little hands.
  • 4. Use as a Baby Car Seat Cover: Big enough to completely keep you covered, easily stretched onto your baby car Seat, protect against dust and sun exposure.
  • 5. Use as a Stylish Shawl / Light Blanket: Can be worn in a scarf with different ways. Whether you prefer it bunched up, hanging low or tied a knot, you will be able to adjust your scarf to suit the outfit you are wearing.
  • 6. Compactly to Store: Even if you scrunched it up into a ball and stuffed it into the bottom of your diaper bag you will be able to pull it out days later without a wrinkle.
  • 7. Soft and Breathable: The fabric is really soft, it will stretch without losing. it's elasticity. And because it's so stretchy, it's easy to put on and take off.
  • Versatile Used:
  • 1. Breastfeeding Cover
  • 2. Baby Seat Cover
  • 3. Carseat Scarf
  • 4. Car Seat Cover
  • 5. Car Seat Canopy
  • 6. Nursing Scarf
  • 7. Shopping Cart Cover
  • 8. Stroller Cover
  • 9. High Chair Cover
  • 10. Changing Table Cover
  • 11. Nursing Poncho
  • 12. Babysitting
  • 13. Changing Diapers
  • 14. Nursing Cover
  • Protects from
  • 1. Pollen and on-looking strangers
  • 2. Germs and bacteria
  • 3. Wind & breezes
  • 4. Summer heat
  • 5. Sunlight
  • 6. Dust
  • 7. Elements
  • 8. Bugs
  • 9. Noisy Strangers

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