Old Spice Refresh 2 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner, All Hair Types, Hemp Seed



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While in the shower, you may ponder many of life's eternal questions. Old Spice Refresh 2in1 can't answer all of those questions, but it can help you feel revitalized and enlightened. Also, if you have questions such as, Can my hair be too nourished? then yes, you will find the answer - it's no. You're handsome mane will get the utmost care and attention from this 2in1 infused with hemp oil and wisdom. Rest assured, you'll exit the shower with your best hair ever and barbershop-quality results, thanks to the fact that Old Spice hair care products are inspired by barbers and crafted for barbershop-quality results. How about that scent, huh? It's a sheer, clean fragrance that will bring your senses to the center of a lily pad. Dude, you're gonna love it. Moisturizing, Scented
  • TWO BENEFITS, ONE BOTTLE: Old Spice Refresh 2in1 is both the answer to life's questions and a great shampoo and conditioner
  • BE AMAZING: Feel like you just left the best barbershop that also doubles as a Monet-inspired landscape
  • BARBERSHOP QUALITY: Inspired by barbers and crafted for barbershop-quality results
  • SO FRESH, SO CLEAN: Leaves even your hair feeling like its most knowledgeable self
  • MANLY SCENTS: Let the nuanced scents of lilies and lily pads take over your shower - in the manliest way possible
  • All Hair Types
  • Moisturizing
  • Scented

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