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NCVI Baby Formula Dispenser with Scoop and Leveller, Portable Container

NCVI Baby Formula Dispenser with Scoop and Leveller, Portable Container

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Product details

NCVI baby milk powder formula dispenser has a buckle design and silicone sealing ring inner lid ensuring food is fresh and preventing formula from getting wet and from any damage. The lovely horn on the top of travel formula dispenser keeps it stable while using it. The leveller design helps you scoop out each spoonful of formula precisely without wasting. The formula container is used to store 230g of powdered milk. It can hold about 30 scoops (1 scoop = 5.0g). There is an inner scale which makes it easy to determine how much milk powder is left inside. The container also works as a fruit container, snack cup for cookies and other similar items. This milk powder dispenser has ideal size for portability. It fits in bags and hands and comes in handy while travelling with babies. It even makes on-the-go feeding easier.
  • Built-in Leveller

Helps to scoop every spoon of milk powder more accurately with the scraper. It is more convenient to brewing precisely and feeding your baby with a reasonable diet.

  • Secure Snap-on Lid

The inside embedded silicon ring makes the cover seal tight, and keeps formula or food fresh and clean. It's detachable, easy to remove for regular cleaning.

  • Mini Size
The mini size is suitable for travel, office, home use. This cute mini formula dispenser can fit in your diaper bag. It will become your essential travel feeding tool.

Technical Details:

  1. Capacity: 230g Formula
  2. Size: 8.43 x 5.67 x 4.37 inches
  3. Material: Food grade PP and silicone
  4. Color: Blue, Purple
  5. High temperature : Yes
  6. Packing: Including Spoon and Lanyard
  7. Occasions: Home, Office, Travel, etc.
  8. The scoop is specially made for this formula dispenser. Its capacity is about 5g (1 oz) milk powder, which is smaller than a regular formula scoop (2oz).
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