MLfire Baby Infant Plush Sleeping Bag, Wearable Blankets for Boys or Girls, Newborn Baby Thin Sleeping Sack, Colorful Sleeveless Sleeping Sacks Wearable Blanket Sleeper Night Sack Sleeper


1. Sustainable use, economical. The baby bags are machine washable, so your baby can enjoy them again and again. Our high-quality fabrics ensure that the fabrics remain soft and colorful after multiple washings
2. It is suitable for any baby room and can be used in winter and summer. Sleeveless and wearable blanket sleeping bag, suitable for babies from 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

Material: pure cotton
S code:
Recommended height: 55-70CM
Recommended age: 3 months-1 year old
Length: 67CM
Bust: 32CM
Shoulder width: 26CM
M code:
Recommended height: 70-85CM
Recommended age: 1 to 2 years old
Length: 77CM
Bust: 34CM
Shoulder width: 28CM

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