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LG Neochef 1200W Countertop Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel/Black

LG Neochef 1200W Countertop Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel/Black

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LG 1.5 cu. ft. Neo Chef Countertop Microwave with Smart Inverter and Easy Clean has Intuitive Smooth Touch glass controls that not only look sleek but make operating your microwave a snap with just a touch of your finger. Best of all they have been designed with practicality in mind so the smooth surface easily wipes clean. Spills Splatters Don't sweat it. The Easy Clean interior, assisted by Anti-Bacterial Coating, resists stains and buildup, so cleaning your microwave doesn't have to be a chore. Simply wipe with a damp cloth, no chemicals, no scrubbing, no problem. LG's Neo Chef brings a new sensibility to countertop microwave design.

The look is minimal and elegant, one you’ll be proud to showcase in your kitchen. The performance is impressive, with the power and precision of the LG Smart Inverter combined with the ease of Sensor Cooking. It senses optimal temperatures and automatically turns off the microwave, eliminating the guesswork. Generous capacity and the splatter-resistant Easy Clean interior elevate cooking and cleaning convenience to a new level.


  • Digital Display, Button Controls.
  • Smart Inverter Technology.
  • Easy Clean Anti-Bacterial Interior.
  • Intuitive Smooth Touch Controls.
  • Minimal and Elegant Design.
  • Sensor Cooking Precision.
  • Convection Automatic Sensors Auto Defrost.
  • Generous 1.5 cu. ft. Capacity.
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