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JitteryGit Dinosaur Toys for Boys Race Car Track STEM Vehicle Playsets for Kids Toddler Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Olds

JitteryGit Dinosaur Toys for Boys Race Car Track STEM Vehicle Playsets for Kids Toddler Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Olds

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Open a box full of adventure! DinoTrack brings kids into a world of dinosaurs, imagination, creativity, and hands-on learning. With 144 individual track pieces that can be assembled in a variety of different ways, and reassembled as often as they please, DinoTrack is a dinosaur race track for hours of play. DinoTrack includes two battery powered 4x4's, with included batteries, to zoom along the speedway. Dinosaur toys and accessories are part of the fun! The track is the foundation, the toys are the creation. This set includes two toy dinosaurs, 4x4's, tropical trees, bridges, slopes, cages, and a dinosaur cage with chasing ball. DinoTrack is a complete set, perfect for your own collection, or if looking for a gift of toys for boys 3-6 years old, or any dinosaur lover! Parents can assist and play along which makes Dinomaniacs great boys' toys ages 3-4, and independent play for older children makes them great toys for boys 5-8. Dinosaurs are not just for boys! DinoTrack is a favorite for girls too. DinoTrack is an educational and STEM toy. With so many tracks and multiples of each dino toy, DinoTrack will develop interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and foster building and motor skills. Now learning and fun come together in a durable plastic box because dinosaurs are a childhood favorite!
  • Dinosaur Toys for Boys & Girls: Kids build their own dinosaur world with toy dinosaurs, trees, bridges, and countless accessories.
  • Ideal dinosaur toys for boys 3-6: DinoTrack provides hours of fun, excitement, and exploration as their imaginations run wild.
  • STEM Toy: DinoTrack includes 144 individual track pieces that children can assemble in new ways every time.
  • Educational boys' toys ages 5 to 7 & girl toys 5-7: DinoTrack makes learning fun for boys and girls who love dinosaurs.
  • Race Car Track Set: A high speed chase adventure in a prehistoric dino outpost. Two battery powered 4x4's included.
  • Kids Love Dinosaur Toys: DinoTrack brings children together to learn how to play with others by sharing and interacting around a thrilling dinosaur race track.
  • Loads of fun packed in a sturdy box: DinoTrack comes in a strong storing box for easy clean-up everytime and for caring for your toys.
  • Un juego para los entusiastas de dinosaurios: DinoTrack incluye 144 piezas para armar una gran pista de carreras.
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