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Dirt Devil Total Power Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Total Power Vacuum Cleaner

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Introducing the Power Max Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner, engineered to effortlessly tackle pet hair and dirt. Its SPIN3PRO Premium Brush Roll and No Loss of Suction ensure thorough cleaning on any floor type. With 10 feet of cleaning reach and specialized tools, it easily handles stairs, upholstery, and tricky spots. The advanced three-stage Endura Filtration System ensures consistent powerful performance while minimizing maintenance.

The XL dirt cup features one-touch easy-emptying, reducing trips to the trash. Enjoy multi-floor deep cleaning with adjustable floor height and the powerful Spin4Pro Brush Roll. The Turbo Claw Pet Tool effortlessly removes embedded dirt and stubborn pet hair from various surfaces. Achieve quick and easy reach with the onboard extension wand, covering a total of 12 feet. Minimize odors with the carbon odor-trapping pet filter, keeping your space fresh. Included accessories like the 2-in-1 Crevice Tool and Turbo Claw Pet Upholstery Tool enhance versatility for comprehensive cleaning.


  • Powerful SPIN3PRO Brush Roll Efficiently tackles pet hair.
  • No Loss of Suction Ensures thorough cleaning.
  • XL Easy-Empty Dirt Cup Less frequent emptying.
  • Turbo Claw Pet Tool Removes embedded dirt.
  • Adjustable Floor Height Versatile multi-floor cleaning.
  • Carbon Odor-Trapping Filter Keeps space fresh.
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