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Chefman 1.8L Glass Electric Kettle with Infuser

Chefman 1.8L Glass Electric Kettle with Infuser

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Chefman kettles boil water faster. Boil your water for as little as 3 minutes for tea, hot chocolate, pour-over coffee, and other hot beverages. Auto shut-off: Yes. Custom temperature control includes seven presets with boiling temps ranging from 160-212°F for the perfect cup. Easily see when your glass teapot with infuser is in standby mode (white lights), heating mode (red lights), and in keep warm/steep mode (green lights)

With the included removable tea infuser, you can steep a whole pot in our hot water kettle to serve multiple people efficiently.  Our cord-free portable kettle for heating water allows you to serve guests in another room while leaving the base plugged in. The 360-degree swivel base water warmer holds the cordless electric kettle in your preferred position for easy gripping and mess-free pouring. he lift-out lid completely separates from the kettle to provide a larger space to fill with fresh water and to make cleaning easier


  • Fast boiling: 3 minutes
  • Custom temperature control
  • Removable tea infuser
  • Cord-free portability
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Lift-out lid
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