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Warmth is the best expression of love in the cold winter!Regular fit and lightweight fashion men vest with fully lined inside, stand collar, 2 sides zip up pockets, front zipper closure, shaped waist on the back, sleeveless quilted vest.It has excellent windproof and warm-keeping quality, ensure you be able to enjoy exceptional warmth while still maintaining peak performance with unrestricted movement!

Pruduct Name:Heated Vest/Electric Heated Jacket(With 5V USB Power Bank)
Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality
Color: Black, Pink (Optional)
Material: Waterproof Cloth+Cotton
Fabric: 100% Polyester Fiber
Gender: Adults Unisex
Input Voltage: 5V
Heated Area: Neck/Back/Belly
3 Modes Temperature: Warm: 45℃ (Red Light), Comfort: 35℃ (White Light), Energy Saving: 25℃ (Blue Light)
Lasting Time: 8 Hours (10000mAh) (Depending on the setting and battery capacity)

1. A new electric vest with a double switch. The switch can independently switch temperatures independently. For those who are not good at catching a cold, this is a vest with a built-in heater for men and women.
2. Heaters are placed on the neck, back and abdomen to simultaneously heat the neck, back and abdomen. The inner surface has excellent cold protection and plush lining, which is soft and has a cold-proof effect.
3. Under the temperature setting, press the button to change the temperature. Temperature regulation is divided into three levels: strong (red), medium (white) and weak (blue). Compatible with 3 seconds of fast warm-up and zero-radiation safety. Infrared carbon fiber nanofibers provide fast, smooth preheating in less than 3 seconds.
4. The thick and soft cloth blocks the airflow and forms a heat insulation layer, effectively maintaining the hot air of the human body. Maintain internal thermal cycling and always collect heat. In addition, it can alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, relieve joint pain, reduce fatigue in the lower back, and transfer heat over a wide range, and in the cold season, high-emissivity far-infrared rays can effectively warm the human body.
5. It is best to use a mobile battery. This electric vest is the perfect choice for outdoor activities such as outdoor games, daily life and fishing. Charging and usage precautions: The vest comes with a USB cable for battery connection. Connect and use the 5V/2A USB output to charge the mobile battery. Disconnect the power supply before cleaning the heated vest.

How To Use:
1. Take out USB plug.
2. Plug in power bank.
3. Switch on the power bank.
4. Press the chest temperature control switch for 3 second.
5. Red light flashing, means high-temperature heating automatic.
6. After red light flashes for 5 minutes, then automatic turn to white light, means medium temperature.
7. Manual adjustment has three level, red light means high-temperature heating continuously.
8. White light means medium heating continuously, blue light means low heating continuously.
9. Press the chest temperature control switch for two second, lights out and stop heating.

Package Included:

First One:1x Heated Vest(No Power Bank)

Second One:1x Heated Vest(With 10000mAh Power Bank)

1. Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slight different from the color shown on the pictures.
3. Batteries, connecting plugs and chargers should aviod contact with water during operation. It should be used in completely dry condition.
4. The cable is waterproof, can be washed.
5. Always connect it to the power bank when heating.
6. All 5V Power bank in market are usable.
  • 【8 Heated Zones】 Keep your body and hands warm, the fleece heated vest for women qualified carbon fiber heating elements with 8 heating areas, and 3 Temp levels to generate consistent heat for 8 core body parts, including your neck, back, waist, chest, abdomen to help keep these areas warming.
  • 【Comfortable Lightweight】Neat and tailored design, lightweight insulated for you to wear in many ways with unrestricted movement; Water and wind-resistant. The sharp-fit design will be perfect for wearing underneath your winter jacket. NOTE: If you receive the wrong size of heating vests, please contact us, and we will replace the new product for you for the first time.
  • 【Rapid Warming 】Made of far infrared carbon fiber, durable keep warm and comfortable materials for a long time. Not only as a warm vest but also as outwear with a stylish look, with the latest carbon fiber and high-quality TPU heating sheet, it will start heating quickly in 3-5 seconds when powered on, the whole body warms up instantly.
  • 【3 Temperature Control】You just need to long press the button for 2-3 seconds then a heated vest with a battery pack will begin to heat up, it features 3 adjustable heat settings (High 50-55°C/120-130°F) - (Medium 45-50°C/113-120°F) - (Low 40-45°C/104-113°F) according to the environment temperature, you can easily switch it between 3 heat settings with a press of the button.


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